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Why using a chatbot?

ChatBots are the new way of client communication. Our world is faster now. AI chatbots can answer instantly. Humans cannot. The clients don't want to give their email address or Facebook account and wait for hours to get an answer.

This is why we created our AI Chatbots. They don't require authentication from the client, but they still have a conversational memory for each client. The conversation with such a chatbot is thus fluent and efficient.

Why our chatbots?

Our chatbots are made completely by us, and thus they are very cheap to build and to maintain. Furthermore, as we don't use 3rd party tools, the chatbot can be customized exactly how you want. You can have a chatbot specialized in coding, in solving math problems, or anything you consider important for client interaction.

We can also create an interface that you can use to analyze the usage of the chatbot, the main trends (general questions of clients) and obtain data that will improve your business and make your clients happy.

How to use our chatbots?

We firstly decide together on the structure of the chatbot, then we develop it. Afterward, you can test it to ensure that it does what you want. You will receive a piece of code that you can put on your website. You can further personalize the look of the chatbot to match the look of your website. You can personalize it completely independent of us. In this code, there is an API call to the server where the app is running. Thus, the only things that will be added on your websites are a piece of code and the an ID for each of your clients that uses your website.

Other Apps

We are open to hear your ideas for other types of apps. Just complete the form in the Contact Us section, or mail us at support@atomicautomators.com. Tell us your ideas and we will do our best to make them a reality. To learn more about AI apps and their potential, you can join our newsletter HERE.

Why us?

Our all code approach enables us to develop prototypes for apps much cheaper and flexible than other developers. We are open to any conversation and collaboration. We will learn together what types of AI apps the world needs and we will pave the way for a more automated and beter future.

Bubble Chat App with User ID and Server Integration
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